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Stone Cladding for Exterior Wall | Benefits, Types, Installation & Maintenance

Stone cladding is a popular option for homeowners in Adelaide who want to enhance the look and durability of their home's exterior walls. In this article, we will explore the benefits of stone cladding, the different types of stone cladding materials available, how to choose the right one for your project, and installation and maintenance tips.

A Pro Tip

When it comes to stone cladding for your Adelaide home's exterior, it's important to work with a professional installer who has experience with this type of project. Stone cladding can be a complex process, and mistakes during installation can be costly to fix. A professional installer will be able to provide recommendations on the right type of stone cladding material for your project, ensure proper installation techniques are used, and offer advice on maintenance and upkeep. Trusting the experts at Templeton Built can ensure that your stone cladding project is successful and adds value to your home for years to come.

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What is Stone Cladding? 

Stone cladding is the process of applying a thin layer of stone to a surface. In this case, the surface is the exterior wall of a home. Stone cladding can be made from a variety of natural and synthetic materials and comes in many different styles and colors.

Benefits of Stone Cladding

  • Adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home's exterior
  • Provides insulation against weather conditions
  • Increases the durability of your home's exterior walls
  • Low maintenance and long-lasting
  • Resistant to fire, moisture, and insects

Types of Stone Cladding Materials

  • Natural stone: including granite, limestone, sandstone, and slate
  • Engineered stone: including quartz and marble
  • Brick veneer: made from clay or concrete
  • Stucco: a mixture of cement, sand, and water

Choosing the Right Stone Cladding Material for Your Project

  • Consider the style and color of your home's exterior
  • Evaluate the weather conditions in your area
  • Think about your budget
  • Consult with a professional stone cladding installer for recommendations

Installation of Stone Cladding

  • Prepare the surface by cleaning and leveling it
  • Apply a waterproof barrier to the wall
  • Cut the stone cladding to the appropriate size and shape
  • Install the stone cladding using a recommended adhesive or mortar
  • Leave the stone cladding to dry and cure

Maintenance of Stone Cladding

  • Regularly clean the surface with a soft brush or cloth and mild soap
  • Check for any damage or cracks and repair as necessary
  • Seal the stone cladding to protect it from weather and moisture


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Stone cladding is a durable and attractive option for homeowners in Adelaide who want to improve the look and durability of their home's exterior walls. With the right material selection, installation, and maintenance, stone cladding can last for many years to come.

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